F G B R C A  

Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations



To improve the quality of life, enhance property values for homeowners and preserve the character and integrity of residential neighborhoods in EBRP



We educate our member associations on matters of mutual interest or issues impacting their special circumstances. We participate with and represent our members in municipal planning and other Parish improvement initiatives. We are neighbors helping neighbors.




•Believe that our members are our most important asset and we must strive to meet their expectations and respond to their concerns
•Present a professional image, maintaining confidence in the community to seek out our input
•Challenge what we work on and make sure it supports our mission statement and the needs of the majority of our members while balancing the needs of our external partners
•Keep an eye on the big picture all while sweating the details
•Remain focused on the important issues, yet flexible enough to meet changing priorities or requests
•Honor traditional thinking while we strive for more innovative solutions
•Provide efficient networking solutions for our members to solve their unique challenges
•Deliver results with the appropriate sense of urgency