F G B R C A  

Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations

General Membership Meetings - Summary

WHEN:   Meetings held on the second Thursday of each month (except July & December).

TIME:   Meeting starts at 7PM and usually lasts 1-1/2 to 2 hours. 

Where:   Virtually on ZOOM (until covid restrictions are lifted)


2021 Meetings (monthly dates, upcoming topics & completed meeting summaries)


Nov 11

Oct 14

Sep 9

Aug 12

July 8

Jun 10


Apr 8

Mar 11

Feb 11

Jan 14

Scheduled Agenda:   Discussion on numerous Blight related initiatives, including Federation's Blight Committee,  LA Stormwater Coalition and Office of Neighborhood Revitalization.  The annual report out of the 2020  financial review,  monitoring LA legislative session bills impacting homeowners,  update on short term rental status activities,  and  update on 5G preferred location acivities.

Discussion Included:  Councilmember Rowdy Gaudet (and a few other guests) presented the proposed amendments to the CIty Parish Plan of Government   See this link for the presentation.  The POG is a very important proposal which will ultimately be decided by the voters of E Baton Rouge.  Key elements include:  addition of an at large council districts,  term limits for the Mayor,  additional key senior staff in the Mayor's office,  moving the Planning Department under the Mayor's office - the Mayor appoints the Planning director and approximately 35 minor changes.   There was a brief status update on  5G preferred locations activities and Short Term Rentals study group and financials.   To view recording, see this link  ZOOM meeting recording

Discussion included:   Neighborhood surveillance camera directory & camera share - BRPD partnership (Connect Blue BR),  See this link for presentation.  2021 focus areas conversation with Metro Council members, 5G - preferred locations (see link)  status update, Short Term Rentals (see link) study group status update, Federation member survey of association insurance cover & dues collection methods and February/YTD financial report.  To view the meeting recording,  click this ZOOM link.

Discussion Included:   Federal Income Tax and non exempt filling requirements as well as LA State franchise and corporate taxes for HOAs presented by Sara Downing.   See this link for presentation.  An update on 5G preferred location activities in the Dept of Development,  status update on the ongoing MetroCouncilperson discussions,  several upcoming C-P initiatives that the Federation is involved with.   Also,  an upcoming member survey on HOA insurance coverage and methods for collecting membership dues.   To view the meeting recording,  click this ZOOM link

Discussion included:  2020 - Year in review presentation which high lighted all the accomplishments and activites the Federation was involved in.  An update on the 5G ordinance was presented.  The discussion included changes in the ordinance and next steps for HOAs - with emphasis on the preferred designated locations.  Several business matters were handled,  including approval of the 2021 operating budget and the 2020 Recognition award for Lifetime Service was presented to Elliott Atkinson.    Link to ZOOM meeting:   Due to the confidential nature of some of the presentation, please contact the Federation for access link if you are a member. Contact info on Home page.