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2022 Louisiana Legislative Session  (updated 5/18/22)

DASHBOARD for Status of HOA Legislative Bills (click link)

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Summary of Bills

The Regular Session of the 2022 Legislature will convene on Monday, March 14th, 2022 at noon and will end no later than Monday, June 6th at 6pm. The Federation will continue to monitor legislation as it is filed.

To find your legislator, click this link:

Prefiled legislation includes three bills by Rep. Paul Hollis (R-Mandeville) HB 9, HB 57, and HB 52. The first two bills, HB 9 and 57, seek to amend the Louisiana Homeowners Association Act (R. S. 9:1141.8; see below). Both HB9 and 57 are scheduled to be heard in the House Civil Law and Procedure Committee. HB 52 creates the crime of video surveillance by adding R.S.14:283.4 and will be heard in the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee. (Links to both committees with email addresses are below.)

HB 9 (Hollis) proposes to amend the Louisiana Homeowners Association Act (R.S. 9:1141.8, see link to law below) by adding language that any provision in the community documents of residential planned communities shall be null and void if it restricts the constitutional rights of a lot owner or person residing in the residential planned community.

Link to prefiled bill:

Link to the bill history:

HB 57 (Hollis) also proposes to amend the Louisiana Homeowners Association Act with several changes including providing for a 45-day notice period for individual lot owners prior to the filing of a homeowners association privilege and reduces the homeowners association privilege enforcement period to 90 days. The bill further provides for the cancellation of extinguished privileges from the mortgage records.

Link to the prefiled bill:

Link to the bill history:

Louisiana Homeowners Association Act (R.S. 9:1141.1 through R.S. 9:1148) signed into law in 1999 with broad legislative support.   Link to LA Homeowners Assoc Act

House Civil Law and Procedure Committee Members   link to Committee contact info 

HB 52  (Hollis) proposes to create the crime of unwarranted video surveillance of residential property and provides penalties for commission of the offense. This bill will be heard in the Administration of Criminal Justice Committee; membership is below.

Link to the prefiled bill:

Link to the bill history:

Administration of Criminal Justice Committee Members   link to Committee contact info 

HB 387 provides that the buyer shall be given a copy of homeowners' association covenants and governing documents prior to the execution of the sale of a property sold which is subject to homeowners' association membership.  UPDATE (4/2/22):   This bill is being heard in committee on April 5th and will be introduced as substitute bill HLS 22RS-1975   The  HOA Leg Task Force has been collaborating with the La Realtor Assoc to provide our input into their amending language to this bill..  We are very much aligned, believing in the value of notice prior to a homeowner purchasing a property subject to homeowner restrictive covenants or association obligations. We believe the proposed language will provide a workable solution for all parties; namely the sellers and buyers, the realtors and the HOAs.      See the proposed language for consideration  in the following link:   HB 387 proposed amending language

This bill will be heard by the  House Commerce Committee.   link to committee contact info

Link to the pre-filed bill:

Senate Bill: Pre-filed legislation includes a single bill by Sen. Rick Ward (District 17)

SB 109 has a long history in the making. Originally introduced back in 2014 and ultimately resulting in Senate Concurrent Resolution 104 that requested the La State Law Institute to study the legal issues surrounding the current Louisiana Homeowners Act as compared to the concept of Common Interest Ownership Property which has been implemented in a number of other states. This study has been ongoing for about 6 years, culminating in the introduction of SB 109. The bill is a complex 60 page document of additions and deletions. The changes are too numerous to list. One key point is to change the terminology from La Homeowners Association Act to Planned Community Act and likewise, from Homeowners Association to Planned Community. There are a numerous other proposed changes that require legal review to understand the total impact to existing HOAs, including (most importantly) the applicability to current HOAs.

SB 109 will be heard in the Judicial A Committee.  Links to committee contact info:  committee contact info

Link to the pre-filed bill:

======================================================================================================News Articles on this legislation: