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Library & Links:

           1. Next Door Instructions.

           2. Go to

           3. In the Sign In box, click sign up, enter your email address and a password.

           4. Hit Sign In and follow 

Open Data BR

Organize Your Neighborhood

Public Works

           Director of Transportation and Drainage, Fred Raiford. 

           Director of Development, Rachel Lambert. 

           Environmental Services,  Rick Speer. 

           Maintenance Director, Reginald Brumfield. 

           Solid Waste Division, William Patrick, Manager. 

Robert's Rules of Order

Robert's Rules of Order Video Series on Parliamentary Procedure

Secretary of State - Annual Reports

           To file an annual report using “geauxBIZ”:

           1.Click Sign In, and then sign in to geauxBIZ.

               If you are signing in for the first time, click. Create Account to create an account and verify

               your email address. (Note you cannot proceed with the remaining steps without setting up an

               account first.)

            2. On your dashboard, click Getting Started.

            3. Select File an amendment, such as an annual report, with the Louisiana Secretary of

                State, and then click Next.

            4. Enter your charter number, and then click Next.

            5. On your business' details page, click File Annual Report.

            6. Follow the instructions in geauxBIZ to complete your filing.