F G B R C A  

Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations


The President appoints members to (and is a member of) all committees except the Nominating Committee.


1. The Communication Committee establishes policies to ensure that the General Membership is        kept fully apprised of all Federation business. Committee members include the Secretary and          Webmaster.


2. The Finance Committee 

    (a) reviews annually the itemized account of all funds as prepared by the Treasurer 

    and presents to the General Membership its report on that review no later than March of the            following year; 


    (b) with the Treasurer prepares a budget for the upcoming year for presentation to the General     

    Membership Meeting the following January.


3. The Membership Committee receives and reviews all applications for membership and reports        to General Membership Meetings regarding its recommendations for action on those                        applications. This committee may also oversee programs for membership recruiting and                  retention.


4. The Governmental & Community Affairs Committee monitors pending governmental action and      community matters affecting single-family homeowners in EBR Parish.


5. Other committees may be authorized by the Board, or by the Federation through its General            Membership Meetings.