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Small Wireless Facilities


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After the passage of the Small Wireless Facilities (5G) ordinance in late 2020, there still remains a number of activities to operationalize the permitting process for the City Parish. Currently,  staff in the Department of Development-Permitting Office and the Information Technology-GIS Mapping group are working on several items required to apply for, process and communicate the status of permits for Small Wireless Facilities.   Additionally,  the ability for Homeowner associations to submit preferred locations in their respective subdivisions is also being addressed. 

Specific activities include:

  • A new web page is being developed (in the Permitting Dept) to include such things as an outline of how to submit contact info, how to obtain subdivision plats, how to use Google maps, how to submit preferred location maps, etc.
  • A new Neighborhood Registry for contact information is being finalized. This web portal will allow neighborhoods to provide contact information for future City Parish notifications, such as planning and zoning cases, 5G tower siting, MovEBR projects and storm-water activities that are in or near your HOAs.   This Registry will be demonstrated at a future Federation member meeting.

What should HOAs be doing in the interim? 
HOA boards should be working on developing the preferred locations in their respective subdivisions.  A document to explain a potential method to accomplish this is available above.  See Preferred Location Document for HOAs  in the useful links section above.